Saturday, November 28, 2009

Interview: Tito Uquillas of the Hipwaders

The Hipwaders are definitely one of the coolest "kindie rock" bands to emerge in the last several years. This was an interesting year for the band in that they had two releases, both a little different than the norm; the first was Goodie Bag, which is a Hipwaders record through and through, but only with an EP's worth of songs, and the second is Kindie Christmas, an album of all original Christmas songs with the Hipwaders' sound and style. Check out the videos below for "Field Trip" from Goodie Bag and "Santa's Train" and "Wake Up" from Kindie Christmas.

Though their three-piece lineup has morphed a bit during that time, singer-guitarist-songwriter Tito Uquillas has always remained at the helm. I'm thankful to call Tito my good friend, and our families have been able to meet up a few times now when we've been traveling through the area. We always have a great time talking at length and jamming a little and this last time we visited I did the following interview with Tito... Enjoy!

Interview with Tito Uquillas

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