Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Video for "The Tale of the Sun and the Moon"

More new features and interviews are coming soon (Gunnar Madsen, Harmonica Pocket, Dog on Fleas and others), as well as some catching up on CDs released this year by favorites of mine (ScribbleMonster, Eric Ode, Justin Roberts, etc.). But right now, I have to pay the bills, so to speak, by doing some advertising for the main sponsor of this blog (me)...

My latest video, for "The Tale of the Sun and the Moon", has been uploaded to YouTube. You can check it out below, though I recommend clicking through to YouTube to click on the "watch in high quality" link, where the video quality will be better and the audio will be in stereo. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Cool Eric! I was wondering why they were'nt playing together these days! Moon's my friend - we always hang out!

'Disco Stu' said... blog...don't have any kids but I'm sure tghey would like the tunes here!
Stuart Stirling

Tiffany Strelitz Haber said...

it's possible i am obsessed with this! :-)

Unknown said...

Hello there, you speak with Marthe naber from the Netherlands. I'll call you about the next. I am currently making a documentary. I'm doing the film academy in the Netherlands.
The documentary wich I'm making at the moment, is about a boy who has a disease called E.P.P., this disease implies that this boy is not allowed in the sun or he will be very ill. When the sun is not there he is playing outside. This documentary is made ​​for children. Right now I am very happy to find your music. I think it's sweet. The song the tale of the sun and the moon will be very applicable to our documentary. Because when the moon is shining boy freed from the Sun.
Well, we are poor students and we wondered whether we could use your beautiful song for this documentary? The film will be in school and on a television show. And of course we will put your name in the credits!

I like to hear from you soon!

Thank you,
Marthe Naber