Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Colorado, CD catch-up and a "Snow Day" video

Hey all... I'm heading out to Colorado tomorrow for several shows in Colorado Springs, Denver and Utah. The Denver and Utah gigs are school assemblies, but the Colorado Springs shows are at public libraries, so if any of you happen to live near there, please come out and see a show. Here are the dates:

03/27/07 - East Library, Colorado Springs CO - 9:30 and 10:30 am
03/27/07 - Old Colorado City Library, Colorado Springs CO - 6:30 pm
03/28/07 - Rockrimmon Library, Colorado Springs CO - 10:30 am
03/28/07 - Cheyenne Library, Colorado Springs CO - 1 pm
03/28/07 - Fountain Branch Library, Colorado Springs CO - 4 pm
03/28/07 - Ruth Holley Library, Colorado Springs CO - 7 pm
03/29/07 - Penrose Library, Colorado Springs CO - 9:30 and 10:30 am
03/29/07 - Briargate Library, Colorado Springs CO - 2 pm
03/29/07 - Sand Creek Library, Colorado Springs CO - 7 pm

When we get back from Colorado, I'll have about a day at home to throw out junk mail, and then we're off to Oregon for some shows. Here are those dates:

04/13/07 - Pottery Barn Kids, Tigard OR - 10 am & 11 am
04/14/07 - Silver Falls Library, Silverton OR - 1 pm
04/21/07 - Children's Performing Arts Series, Albany OR - 11 am

I've got a pretty large pile of kids' music CDs that I've been sent but haven't featured here yet. In some cases, I've listened to the CD but haven't written anything yet, and other CDs I haven't even had a chance to listen to yet. I will try to at least listen to everything on this trip, and also try to catch up on writing a few posts on my days off. As I've said before, I can't guarantee that I'm going to feature everything that I receive, but I'll try to get to as much as I can. Whether I feature everything or not, I want to say that I really appreciate everything that I receive, and it's very cool to be able to hear so much of what's going on in the kids' music genre these days.


My wife, Roseann, has been doing toony style graphics here and there over the years (for example, she did the pirate and cowboy to the right of my main website page), and she's starting to learn some basic animation movement. We did sort of a test animation for my song, "Snow Day" (a nice short song to start with!), and it turned out very cute and funny, so we went ahead and posted it to YouTube. You can see it below... (I think I'm going to have to buy her an actual animation program and a graphics tablet so she doesn't have to mouse-draw MS Paint pictures and sequence them in a video editing program anymore... That's also what we did for "The Elephant Song" video and wow, that is tedious!)


Mike McManus said...

FOUR shows in ONE day??? Do you have an endorsement with Red Bull? Haha!
Have a fun and safe tour,

Eric Herman said...

Actually, the endorsement deal should be with Powerbars. On days like that I basically subsist on Powerbars and water.

Four shows in a day isn't so bad... however... four shows in a day, two days in a row (and three shows the day before those two days), in Colorado Springs, coming from somewhere much closer to sea level, is not something I would recommend.

It's been a while since I've been here and I forgot about the lack of air with the altitude. I thought I felt fine when I got here, but it's once you start exerting yourself that you really feel it. So halfway through jumping around in the first song in my first show I was like, "Whoooooaaaa! What happened to my energy??!!" Thankfully I made it through alright and the shows turned out to be fantastic. Great crowds and really entusiastic kids. Thank you, Powerbars!! :o)