Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ralph's World Interview

That's right... Ralph of Ralph's World happened to call me by accident yesterday. He was trying to reach a pizza place, but he misdialed seven of the ten digits and it ended up being my phone number. How lucky that I just happened to be sitting by the phone and typing up some questions for my "if I ever get to interview Ralph" scrapbook.

I learned some fascinating things... for example, that his last name is actually 'Covert' and not 'Swirled', and that 'twee' is actually a style of music, not a thing with bwanches and woots. Many thanks to Ralph for clearing that up and taking some time to talk with me. I really appreciate it, and I'm sure you'll all enjoy hearing his comments on music and songwriting, and about his troubled and sordid history with concert choreography.

Ralph has a new CD/DVD compilation called "Welcome to Ralph's World" that is now available from Disney Records. He also has a nice new website, so check that out.


Anonymous said...


The dancing thing!

deb in sf said...

Neat, Eric. That's a heck of a concert story! Yikes!

Sounds like you both enjoyed yourselves.

Idaho Dad said...

Great interview! Good call on the song "Hideaway"... I belong to a group of music lovers who exchange mix CDs twice a year and then we review each others mixes. So I put "Hideaway" on my rock/pop mix a few months ago and mailed it off to the other ten guys. Not one of them pegged it as a kids' song. Most of the comments were simply along the lines of "This is a really great pop tune!"