Thursday, September 28, 2006

You're the One & My Best Day

Stefan over at Zooglobble (without a doubt the most comprehensive source for kids' music coverage on the web) has begun a new series of guest posts with kids' music artists doing reviews of albums (kids' music or otherwise) that influenced them in some way. I've started off the series with a post about my favorite album of the last several years, Paul Simon's You're the One. Check it out here.

Also, I should mention that the purpose of this blog isn't to be a real source of kids' music news, especially as sites like Zooglobble and The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What to Think are so much better about covering that kind of stuff. But I suppose I might mention when some of my favorite artists that I've already covered here have some significant news, or a new release that wasn't mentioned in my original feature. For example, Trout Fishing in America have a new live album out, called
My Best Day. You can hear samples and purchase the album here.

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