Thursday, July 06, 2006

Joe Scruggs

One of the first kids' artists that I really liked when scouring Buffalo libraries for kids' CDs was Joe Scruggs. His Joe Scruggs in Concert video includes a lot of fun songs, particulary of the type that might be called "cool idea songs", as in a simple idea or unusual twist that works in a song to create a fun experience. Good examples are "Put Your Thumb in the Air", "The Bicycle Song" and "Bahamas Pajamas". It's not just a question of being 'participatory'... a lot of kids' performers can find ways to do that... but also being really clever about it, and Joe does a great job of that. Some of Joe's music is a little bit sugary sweet for my taste, but I like quite a lot of it, even some of the sugary stuff. He's got a really nice melodic sense and many of his songs are very memorable.

Joe Scruggs website

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Anonymous said...

your music the OH BY THE WAY tape gives us such fond mermores thank you, I love the aunt lucy and would like to find it again.