Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sugar Free Allstars - New CD, DVD and interview

So the funkiest kids' music act known to man (well, at least known to this man), Sugar Free Allstars, has been busy of late... Last fall they put out a live DVD, Gettin' Funky with the Sugar Free Allstars, which really shows off the live energy and musical talent of the dynamic duo. And just the other day they officially released their second CD, funky fresh and sugar free, which picks up where Dos Ninos left off and includes soon to be SFA classics like "6th Grade Band", "In My Pocket" and "Little Red Wagon", as well as a funkified cover of The Beatles' "Ob-la-di". Check out the video for "Rock Awesome" below and click here to order the DVD and the new CD.

It continues to amaze me how only two guys can get such a big and funky sound, but when one of those guys is the powerfully drum-slammin' Dr. Rock and the other is the incredibly talented vocalist and keys player, Chris Wiser, then it becomes more understandable. Here's an interview I did with Chris back in 2008 while I was passing through Oklahoma: Chris Wiser Interview


Nettieh said...

Love the tunes. Public schools have cut most of their music, art and drama classes. With time being so precious the window for your child to learn a creative musical outlet is short. You could have the next Mozart in your midst. If you find that you don't, you can at least develop their creative mind.

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Anonymous said...

i didnt know they had blogs like this! haha. if your'e interested in kid music this guy did a kid-friendly remake of "Kush" which is REALLY HARD to do. his name is Young E and hes awesome. check out the video: