Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Submissions are CLOSED

I probably should have done this a few months ago, but at this point I really need to officially close submissions for this blog. I already have way too big of a backlog as it is, and very limited time to devote to catching up on it. It used to be that I could at least listen to every CD that was sent me, and then feature what I could from them, but I've actually had quite a hard time keeping up with even listening to everything that I've been sent over the last several months. I feel terrible about that, and apologize if your CD happens to get missed when I finally get more caught up on things. I know that I've never promised that I could cover everything, anyway, but I really hate to have anybody send me CDs without even an expectation of them being listened to. So I need to draw the line and request that no new CDs be sent. If there is something in particular that I want to check out, I'll specifically make contact and ask for a promo copy, at which point I will promise to definitely cover that CD. And with that in mind, please don't ask me to listen to something to see if I would want to request a promo copy... I really need to be fair to the people who have already sent actual CDs and make sure I've covered what I can from them first.

The good news is that I have started working on some articles again recently, and have several things coming up, including interviews that I've mentioned before with Gunnar Madsen, Ezra from Trout Fishing and several others. And also, though I'll certainly be well behind with some of the newer things coming out (which I've always been, anyway), I've got quite a lot of great stuff to cover from the CDs I already have that will keep me busy enough for quite a while.

I will take my hat off to others who have been more consistent in keeping up with posting about kids' music (see my links below). Speaking both as a kids' music artist and as a fan of the genre, I really appreciate that. Unfortunately, I haven't even been able to read a lot of the kids' music blogs this year (I had to shut down my Google Reader during a particularly busy stretch, and I've only recently started adding back some things...), so I definitely feel out of the loop a bit. But you don't have to feel out of the loop like me, with others staying on top of things.


Saints and Spinners said...

Eric, would you believe that I have only 2 CDs waiting for review, and I'm struggling for time to sit down and properly focus on them? I think you are wise to close submissions for the blog.

I'm looking forward to your next album.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,
I really like your stuff. You have a quick, musical wit and a gift for applying it to the level of kids.

If you still get to interview or talk with Keith and/or Ezra of Trout Fishing In America, ask them if they remember Tony Funderburk from another duo "Funderburk". We used to all play at some of the same places in Houston, Texas...like "Lovejoy's".

The last time our paths crossed I lived in Tampa, FL for a year and saw them in a music store...

Small world,